The Car

  • 2016 VW Golf R
  • 6 point Autopower SCCA approved roll cage
  • 2 Sparco ADV-PRO seats supplied by JRP
  • 2 6 point FIA approved Autopower harnesses


Corey Prosser

27 years old

Born and raised in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Ever since I was little I always had a passion for cars and everything related to them. Growing up I wanted to somehow be involved in the automotive industry whether it was hands on or business related. I found an interest in fixing and modifying cars once I left high school and stuck to that ever since! I'm currently a 3rd year Technician with 2 years of my trade left to my Red Seal!

The dreams I had when I was young was to either become a police officer or a professional racecar driver! There wasn't much of "professional" racing on the island growing up, mostly just a hobby type of thing. But once Targa Newfoundland was founded I was hooked from a young age. I always went out to watch them race, and one day, I hoped to compete at the Professional Stage. Fast forward to 2015, I was competing in Targa for the first time as a Co-driver/Navigator for my good friend Mike Mercer. We ran a 1992 Mazda Miata in Classic for two years (2015-2016) Our first year was the most exciting although we had some crazy moments in 2016. I barely slept, writing notes each day for the next stages ahead, going over every inch of our car to make sure it was ready for the next day! In 2015 we took home pretty much every trophy you could get for our Recent Classic division. 2016 was a different story, going from first place on Thursday morning to ending in a ditch which we couldn't avoid! We came out with no injuries, and minor damage to our car!

My long-term goals are to finish my red seal in the automotive program, and possibly attend some future racing events and get more experience as a co-driver/navigator. Racing with my head down in the book doesn't faze me unless I feel weightless...then I look up…

Some events that influence me for sure would be my involvement with MADD in the past couple of years. I lost a good friend to a drunk driver during the middle of a beautiful day. We then created a motor show in his honor raising 10's of thousands of dollars to MADD to help combat impaired drivers and to help educate the public on the dangers associated.


Kirk Jones

50 years young

Born Toronto Ontario – grew up around the world…

I was that kid looking through the chain link fence when my dad took me to races both for him to compete and watch. I grew up elbows deep in dirt bikes and cars typically spending more time with them apart than together. Over the years have had lots of experience racing dirt bikes, competing in autocrosses, time attacks, and track days with all sorts of interesting vehicles from the original Audi Ur Quattro to Corvettes.

The journey to Targa started in 1992 when I was living in Australia and happened to turn on the TV and on one of the only 4 channels there was this race called Targa Tasmania. It only took a few minutes of watching this new sport for me to be hooked; I said to myself one day I would run this event… In 1996 I left Australia and moved back to Canada with baby on the way and the best experience of life reflecting today of raising two kids. This left very little time for racing but thankfully my wife accepted my addiction and I squeezed some in. Over the past decade I have followed and obsessed Taga Newfoundland unknown to many folks with detail that was the foundation for 2017.

Under the hood the true flashpoint of the journey is a combination of my daughter and several friends who have had life challenges. They flipped the switch and we are here today racing to get out in front of mental health. Life is just too short not to chase your dreams. If you can do it and help others I encourage everyone to.